Thielim F1 is a 100% male hybrid and highly suitable for production of white asparagus in a temperate climate. This variety has average earliness and a good production capacity. Thielim is suitable for both fresh sales as well as industrial processing or ready peeled sales.

Thielim grows best on fertile, well-drained soils. Soils susceptible to flooding are less suitable. Thielim performs optimally under warm and fertile conditions, giving high quality and high kilos. Extensive practical experience has shown that the best results are achieved with a planting density of 3.5 - 4,5 plants per m1 with a planting depth of 18 - 20 cm. Thielim also performs well under various types of sheeting and plastic.

Thielim has a very high production potential and exceptionally uniform quality. The product has firm, closed tips and a high resistance to grooves, pink discolouration and hollow stems. The main diameters are between 20 - 28 mm.

The foliage is strong, erect and naturally resistant to foliage diseases. These qualities also make Thielim ideal for organic cultivation methods.

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Tip closure
Disease resistance

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