Grolim F1 is a 100% male hybrid, suitable for cultivation of white asparagus in both temperate climate zones and climates similar to South Europe. Grolim is ideal as a "high yield variety", as its exceptionally high stem weight contributes towards reducing labour costs. This early variety gives above average production.

Grolim grows best on fertile, well-drained soils. Good results can be achieved on both sandy and clay soils. Fields with a high ground water level or that are susceptible to flooding are less suitable. Grolim performs optimally under warm and fertile conditions, giving high quality and high kilos. Grolim is ideally for use with black-white sheeting or sheeting used to force early production. Extensive practical experience has shown that the best results are achieved with a planting density of 4.5 - 6 plants per m1. With Grolim high planting densities do not usually result in thin stems, generally the grades will become more uniform and the yield will improve in quality and quantity. The recommended planting depth is 18 - 20 cm.

The average stem diameter of Grolim is far above 20 mm. Grolim has very little pink discolouration, grooves or bent stems and has a fine closed tip.

The open, erect plant structure means diseases stand little chance. These qualities also make Grolim ideal for organic cultivation methods.

All seed supplied by Limseeds is subjected to strict internal quality inspections to test germinating power and varietal purity. Before the seeds are supplied they are inspected and tested again by Naktuinbouw, an independent inspection service regulated by Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.

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