Backlim F1 is a 100% male hybrid and highly suitable for production of white asparagus in a temperate climate. Backlim also performs well in green asparagus production. This variety is also extremely good for harvesting in the 2nd half of the season, combined with the harvest of early varieties such as Avalim and Gijnlim. Backlim has evolved into the standard variety in greenhouse growing. Backlim gives reliable yields and quality, both in greenhouses and when field grown.

Backlim is a variety that performs well on all types of well-drained soils. Years of practical experience have shown that Backlim performs best with a planting density of 3.5 - 4.5 plants per m1. The recommended planting density for green asparagus is 4 - 5 plants per m1. The recommended planting depth under normal conditions is 18 - 22 cm, planting any deeper means harvesting will start later. Backlim produces well on soils previously used to grow asparagus. Backlim also grows well under plastic sheeting

Backlim produces fine, straight stems. The quality increases as the plant ages. Backlim produces asparagus with a firm tip and high resistance to hollowness, pink discolouration and rust. A good half of the production is class 20 - 28 mm. Backlim is a variety with very good flavour properties.

Backlim's compact foliage, despite dying off naturally early in the autumn, ensures that a good store of reserves is built up for the plant.

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